Missouri Democratic Party Election 12/12/20

Unknown to many people outside of the daily arena of politics, our state party elected new executive leadership today.  Generally speaking, this is an exercise in patience and parliamentary procedure as prospective candidates whip votes in support. All that said, it is how we elect the folks that bear a portion of responsibility in moving the party forward. 

In choosing party representation, the River Rats decided that it would be important for our party leadership to be representative of the diversity of our population and geography in our state.  While we did not end up with our first choices in a few races, we are excited to see the leadership in action.  We hope that we can be a catalyst for helping to bring Missouri Democratic politics out of the suburbs and cities into our rural areas.  

Our new officers are:

Michael Butler- Chair

Genevieve Williams- Vice Chair

Manny Arbaca- Secretary

Cydney Mayfield- Treasurer. 

Holler at us if you have questions about how party officials are elected, or if YOU want to know how to run for next time!


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